Paranormal Rewind: Tuesdays at 7 p.m. ET on KCOR Radio

Rewind with us every Tuesday night at 7 pm ET on KCOR

Want the story behind the TV show? Author Sam Baltrusis and fellow ghost writer Joni Mayhan team up to interview the para-celebs, investigators, and subjects featured on TV shows, radio and in books on PARANORMAL REWIND airing for one hour Tuesdays at 4 p.m. PT and 7 p.m. ET on KCOR Radio. Our goal is to revisit some of the paranormal pop culture’s most terrifying and memorable cases.


Listen to PARANORMAL REWIND every Tuesday night at 7 pm ET on KCOR RADIO with authors Sam Baltrusis and Joni Mayhan. Photo by Jason Baker.






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